Residential and commercial structures now include driveways or drive-in in the building plan. This is a private road owned by private individual or groups. Small groups maintain this for local access. Driveway comes with different designs and made with different materials depending on the perspective of the owners. Some driveways have traffic lights and cool security systems. Driveways, being private property have the luxury of design depending on how much the owners would like to invest in it. These properties are not maintained by the government; hence they are designed according to the architecture of the structures it serves.  Others have stunning landscapes and minimalist designs. Let us know at least five driveway types and what it is made of.  


This is the most common type of driveway, the poured concrete driveway. This is preferred by many because the material needed for this type of driveway is always available. This is also low maintenance and can be easily expanded. Owners can easily make patterns out of the poured cement. Compared to asphalt paved driveways, this type is more long lasting, although it is quite expensive. 

The next type is the decorated version of the poured concrete driveway. Stamped concrete driveways are made of concrete but it looks like made of bricks or stones. This is done by the use of molders while the concrete is still setting. If you want durable yet attractive driveways, you can try this one. This is best in patios and interior floors too.  

If you are in a budget, you can consider the asphalt pave driveway. This type of driveway is made of asphalt. It is vehicle friendly because it gives your vehicle a durable and smooth surface for parking. However, maintenance cost is quite expensive because you need to reseal this from time to time. Thus, when you chose this type make sure that your driveways Sheffield contractor will properly install it so that it can serve you for about thirty years. After all, it is still worth the investment. 

Then we have the chip sealed driveway.  This is good alternate for asphalt paving because it costs almost half only of the asphalt. The base of this type is gravel then it is sealed with tar and stones, pressed and rolled. It is not as smooth as the asphalt but you still improve its appearance by coloring the stones and this only needs a little maintenance. There is also no need for sealing as it absorbs the heat due to its bright color.  

Interlocking pavers are the easiest to install driveways. Installing this type does not need mortars. This is usually made of cement or concrete and then shaped. They place it in a position when it interlocks with each other pavers as long as it has the same type. This comes with a cobblestone look. This type of pavement is best to install on solid bases to prevent cracks and gaps. However, this is porous, and it follows that maintenance over time due to stains and marks from oils and tires.