Carpenters can work on different areas of the construction and most beginners start with the woodworks. This is the easiest to learn specialization and this is also the most common service needed in residential areas. In carpentry, having the skill is not enough because as a carpenter it is best if you have your own tools. In the present, carpentry evolved. Carpenters are now using power tools to get carpentry jobs done fast and accurate. As a beginner, these are the five essential power tools for you. These tools are the most common tools, the right ones you need as you begin to hone your skills as a carpenter.  


Top of the list is the circular saw. You can use this for general woodworks or for the fine woodworks. This is a versatile basic power tool. It is handheld and it can also be clamp-on a straight edge. This power tool is just like a table saw but this is more accurate. It has good cuts on sheet goods like plywood and medium-density fiberboard. If you want to learn the basics, this is the first handheld power tool you should invest and purchase. 

Next in line is the power drill. This could be corded or cordless but for beginners, we recommend you buy the corded drill because it is more versatile and powerful.  Cordless are portable but they are expensive. For beginners, it is good to start with a good price. Before buying, consider what do you want, how many inches chuck, keyed or not, if it should be a straight or hammer drill and others.  

Then, you can now buy a jigsaw. This is recommended for beginners as jigsaws are very useful if you want a curve cut and circular patterns in stock. For efficient use, chose a corded saw with orbital action. Also consider a jigsaw that has easy blade-changing system. 

Another most basic carpenter Southampton power tool is the random orbit sander. This power tool uses a hook-and-loop fastened sanding disk. Although this is more expensive than usual palm and plain sandpapers, this power tool do not leave pattered scratches in work pieces unlike other ordinary sanders. Before you buy this, consider the existing sanding disk you have to make sure it fits. To make use of this well, use progressively finer grits with your chosen model.  

Last but not the least, is you need the table saw. If you are already good with the previously mentioned power tools, it is the perfect time to buy a table saw. This is the cream of the crop of every carpenter power tools, especially those are in woodworking. This is the centerpiece where any other tools are places and used. This power tool is highly durable enough to cut sheet good in accurate straight edges. It can also be used for miters, bevels and dado grooves.  

Starting does not need a handful of tools; these five essential tools are enough for a start. Do not buy because they told you so, but because you need it so. Buy the ones that you are comfortable with. Also consider your budget always.  The best way to be a pro carpenter is to practice until you improve!