For most people, the loft is an area for storage. This means it is a place where you store junk that you perhaps won’t use anymore. You probably have collected a lot of junk in your loft. Perhaps it is time to think about getting rid of all of those junk and converting your loft into a home office.  


If you do this, you can add value to your property and have an extra room for your family, aside from you can work from home peacefully. If you’re planning to hire a loft conversions Oxford contractor to convert your loft into a home office, here are some things to consider: 

Do Not Forget the Windows 

This might not be the first thing that you consider when planning to decorate your loft. However, it is vital not to underestimate the difference that windows can offer. Windows built into the roof are perhaps your ideal choice since you’ve got limited space. This will help allow natural light into the loft without using any important wall space.  

A lot of natural light is vital to have your loft. Aside from making the room appear bigger, it helps lower the possibilities of sore eyes and headaches from working for long hours under artificial lighting. It also helps improve your productivity.  

Utilize the Features 

You do not really need a huge space to make a loft home office. Also, it can actually act as a comfortable office room if your loft is on the smaller size. You should try leaving the structural supports or beams exposed and integrate the décor of your office around this exposed wood. You should consider industrial style light fixtures and leather wing back chairs. Keep in mind that this room does not really have to complement the rest of your house since the loft home office will be hidden.  

Multi-task the Area 

Your loft office does not simply have to be a total loft office conversion. You can also have a loft bed office if you can integrate a bedroom and an office. Obviously, this will only work with bigger loft conversions. However, you’re basically getting two rooms for the price of one if you add both a study place and a bedroom. Also, you can help improve the value of your house if you do this. You should opt for calming and neutral colors if you’re going to do this. This will help you concentrate when working and have a decent night’s sleep.  

Build into the Corners 

When it comes to your loft, there are probably a lot of awkward nooks to work with. Fortunately, these small corners created by beams and structural supports can actually be utilized to integrate things such as bookcases and shelves. They can bring a lot of character to your loft office when properly done. You can possibly fit an entire desk inside the corner if you’ve got one that is big enough. Simply ensure these areas are painted in a light color to avoid becoming dark.