The painting is usually the last touch to finish a construction or a project. However, normal homeowners are lost with paints because there are a lot of them. And if you would not take time to know these paints, you might just get frustrated with the effects of these paints in your project. Paints differ in color, formula and use. As a general, what every homeowner looks for paint is for it to last longer and make their project wonderful.  


Paints are mixtures a binder and a pigment and have two main categories. These are the water-based and solvent-based paints. Example of water-based paints are acrylic and latex paints, where in these paints, water is used a binder. While other paints that use solvent like mineral spirit and thinner as binders. In general, water-based paints are preferred by painter and decorator Plymouth because it is safer to spill and to dispose compared to solvent-based paints which as strict and special regulations for disposal and use.  

Paints are used differently. Some paints are good as base coats while other is for finish coats. The most common base coat is the primer. A primer is used in uncoated and bare surfaces. Primers protect the surface and smoothens the surface before it another coat is applied. If you are planning to work on outside wall and exterior surfaces, you need to clean the surface first before coating a primer. You need to remove the paint flakes and remove the old paint in the wall. For indoor projects, a primer can be automatically coated then the first coat. 

On the other side, finish coats are usually used in interior projects. Finish coats are divided into different types. First is the flat finish. It is latex-based and best for interior painting. This is best for sidings because latex is resistant to water damage. Flat finish is recommended on sidings of ceilings. Second is the eggshell finish. This finish is more durable than the flat finish. You can characterize this finish through its look when it dried. This is best in wood surfaces but there are also some varieties of this than can be used in exterior projects. Third, is the gloss and satin. These are the most durable. They can be used in wood and metal surfaces. Gloss and satin have almost the same feature except that satin is less shiny sheen. Both are available in both water and solvent-based. Both works best in indoor and outdoor projects. It only requires one coat after the primer.  

By now, you know the basic paints in store. In deciding which paint to buy and use, always consider lot of things first. Consider the kind of project, the surface, exposure and bonds with other materials. Most of all always choose quality paints. You can also invest in good rollers, brushes or even sprays to save money in the long run. If you have the right tools with quality, it is also guaranteed that you will have quality and long-lasting results.